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There have been loads of battery manufacturers making a walk-in the Indian automotive battery industry. It has been a confusing scenario for the end customers on choosing the best battery for their car. Indeed we hardly had couple of brands in the battery industry few years ago. Scenario has completely changed ever since 2010. There have been lots of local manufacturers who have started manufacturing batteries. Sometimes these batteries get a better life than a branded one but it entirely depends on your luck. So it is always better to go for branded batteries than local manufacturers.

The year 2014 has witnessed the walk-in of global battery giants like Panasonic making their mark in the Indian market. They have already started their battery expansion in India along with the competitive Indian brands. So, now we have a handful of battery brands going around Indian lead acid storage industry. What battery can I choose for my car and which is the best battery for my car? Three main factors to be considered in buying a car battery are 1. See that the battery has highest CA and CCA rating. 2. Check for real replacement warranty not the (warranty*) Pro rata warranty 3. Analyze the technology used in the battery and how well it will be useful for indian sub condition.

CA means cranking amps. CCA means Cold cracking Amps. Go for the battery that has the highest CCA ratings. As we all know in Indian sub condition, our battery gets started in Hot and normal weather condition but when it comes to cold condition, battery has to be cranked more to get started, so go for the battery that has the highest cold cranking amps.

Panasonic car battery claims to have highest CA and CCA ratings. Panasonic car battery takes a longer time to discharge and it is better for those who are using their car once in a while.

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Nowadays battery manufacturers come up with the highest warranty but with a small star(*). A small * above the warranty has a big meaning in it. Always check for the actual warranty i.e Replacement warranty. It is the real warranty that covers manufacturer defect and promises replacement of your battery with a newer one. Go for the battery that has the highest replacement warranty.

Never consider the pro-rata warranty, as pro-rata warranty is calculated on the basis of M.R.P excluding your battery (your battery will be taken back by manufacturer for free of cost). If you really calculate pro-rata warranty, the methodology follwed in pro-rata warranty loss for the customers and gain for the manufacturer. Therfore, if a dealer/seller explains you the battery warranty, ask them the real replacement warranty because there is no use for end customer in pro-rata warranty as it is a stratergy followed by manufacturers to retain their customers

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The days have gone where battery sellers used to sell the battery by its weight. More weight, more life concept is accurately wrong. Sellers say more the battery weighs, more the battery quality is. It is not true for automotive batteries. Batteries with light weight have proven to give a longer battery life and they also increase mileage on a long run as well as keep vehicle electrical system intact.

Expanding Calcium Alloy Technology

Technology like expanding double calcium alloy, burst prevention and fluid loss technology can give you a long battery life and decrease maintenance. These days there are better brands in the market and use a better technology for a long battery life.

It is proven that battery with calcium inside takes a long time to discharge. Since calcium is used, it takes a while for charging than a normal battery usually takes. So what actually it means to the end customer? Does calcium alloy battery give a longer life? Or does it benefit the seller?

Yes! It benefits both the end customer and the seller. Off course calcium alloy technology gives a longer battery life. When a battery takes longer time to discharge, the quality of the battery is too good to retain its capacity for a longer duration. Longer duration with proper charging ratio of your car can give a battery extended and a long life.

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Indian automotive industry has changed in last decades and even scooter models like scooty will not start without a battery. Bikes like pulsar and Yamaha fz come without kick start and they depend on battery to start. It is very important to choose a best battery for our bikes as the entire bike electrical system depends on the performance of the battery. In Indian market Exide and Amaron are doing good for two wheeler batteries.

Minda two wheeler batteries have been one among the best two wheeler battery but they are not available in Indian replacement market as they are OE suppliers for manufacturers. But Panasonic and Minda have set up a joint venture, if we can get a bike battery with Japanese technology (Panasonic) with Indian collaboration (Minda) then it will give a good run among the competitors and will be much beneficial to the customer, we have to wait and watch if Panasonic comes in two wheeler battery industry.

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Power cut has been a major problem that south Indians have been facing these days. All south Indian states undergo this power crisis. It’s high time to choose the best inverter/ ups for your home and industry applications. What all need to be considered in buying a home ups?

It’s always better to choose a sine wave ups. There are lots of brands that come up with the sine wave ups. Even dominant brand in battery like Exide have started manufacturing UPS and robust UPS brand like APC are still available in the market backed by Schneider electric service.

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The term “Maintenance free” Sounds really good for those who are tired of checking their battery frequently. Does “maintenance-free” really what it means? Exactly No!

All lead acid battery needs maintenance at least 3 times/annum for a long battery life. It’s not all about adding distilled H2o. A technical person approach who is trained well to test and recondition the battery can very well bring the added advantage to the batteries.

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